About Us

Brady Pharma Inc. is poised for a vertical and horizontal growth, since there are major plans for expansions into other therapeutic fields like, Cardiology, Nephrology, Anticancer, Orthopedics, Pediatrics & OB-Gyn. Brady caters to more than 3000 doctors specialized in Dermatology and Opthalmology. The consumer team of Brady Pharma distribute products to consumers through the retail channels of Mercury, Watsons, SM stores, Rustans etc. We have a well trained, disciplined field force to market the products and a very efficient distribution team to serve the demand generated.

A responsible company, conscious of its duty towards various sections of the society,Brady Pharma nurtures young talents & moulds them to suit the current marketing sales trends, so as to satisfy the customer needs and wants with a most stylish and professional approach.


Brady Pharma Inc offers services to global principals with innovative product lines in the field of Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and Medical devices. In addition to sales & marketing , distribution support to principals, We also offer services of Regulatory affairs in FDA, Trade mark registrations, Market research in Philippines. We have abundant storage & warehousing facility in the heart of Metro Manila and can serve any orders in any part of the Philippines within 2 working days.